Cover Letter

After a long and successful career in financial services, I am seeking a career change to work with a cutting-edge company truly making a difference in society.  I would bring heightened determination to any job that would allow me to help the environment as well as earn a living.  There are not any opportunities like that in my current industry.   I would be passionate about selling something that helps the environment.

At one point in my career, I changed industries and still managed to be the top producing sales representative in my region by the end of my third quarter. I did it by using my consultative sales training which meant asking my customers the right questions and selling directly to their stated needs. I have no doubt that I could achieve the same level of production by switching industries and selling for a cause that I truly believe in.

  • A few of my qualification include:
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Computer proficiency with MS Office and CRM systems (including Salesforce)
  • Experience developing and maintaining a sales pipeline
  • Track record of exceed target goals

I truly believe that the solar industry will change the world due to its positive impact on the environment compared to existing energy products and services.  I have recently applied to other companies offering solar solutions, but I would prefer to work with Tesla.

I would appreciate the chance to meet in person and learn more about the position.