Storyline Inspiration

I was thinking last night (I don’t sleep much) about some comments that came up in class yesterday when we were talking about doubt.  Sometimes we don’t take risks because we are afraid of failing and/or having to start over.  This reminded me of the Storyline of someone you might have heard of:
§  Lost job, Age 22
§  Defeated for legislature, Age 23
§  Failed in business, Age 24
§  Elected to legislature, Age 25
§  Sweetheart (Ann Rutledge) died, Age 26
§  Had nervous breakdown, Age 27
§  Defeated for Speaker, Age 29
§  Defeated for nomination for Congress, Age 34
§  Elected to Congress, Age 37
§  Lost renomination, Age 39
§  Rejected for Land Officer, Age 40
§  Defeated for Senate, Age 43
§  Defeated for nomination for Vice-President, Age 47
§  Again defeated for Senate, Age 49
That’s a lot of negative turns.
Oh, he did have a series of positive turns.  That started when he was elected President at age 51.  Yep, it’s Abraham Lincoln.  He failed plenty of times, but I’m pretty sure we would all agree he told a pretty good story with his life.

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